A Wild Snow Leopard Family Filmed in Tost

A research camera in Mongolia's Tost Mountains captures amazing footage of a wild snow leopard mother and her three cubs!

Mongolia’s Tost Mountains are a snow leopard stronghold. Earlier this year, the area was declared a State Nature Reserve – a major conservation win YOU helped make possible!

Tost is home to a stable, breeding population of at least 12 adult snow leopards and several young cats. A few weeks ago, we found amazing footage of one of the adult cats and her three almost fully grown cubs on one of our many research cameras set up in the area. It’s a rare treat, a powerful sign of hope, and just simply breathtaking. Enjoy!


  1. I love these big cats and want to see them thrive! It’s heartening to learn that a female named Anu has had three litters! And horrible to learn that others are being killed from poachers!

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