Activities For Kids

The Snow Leopard Trust offers a variety of engaging activities for download to help with learning and for fun! Students in grades K-8 will fall in love with these beautiful cats and love learning about their remarkable adaptations, importance to the food web, and interactions with humans sharing their habitat.

Recent camera trap images of snow leopards

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Ever wonder what sound a snow leopard makes? Listen below!


Free curriculum

Download the free Snow Leopard Curriculum created by the Snow Leopard Trust and Facing the Future.

  • 1-2 week unit with 5 lessons that can be taught together or separately
  • Designed with 5th-8th graders in mind (ages 10-14)
  • Developed in partnership with Facing the Future, each lesson helps children meet national science, social studies and environmental education testing standards.
  • This curriculum offers a service learning component where students can raise money for their schools and snow leopard conservation.

Please contact us at to inquire about a hard copy.

What teachers are saying

“I used different parts of each lesson with each class’ ability. The many choices of activities allows for differentiation over a large expanse of abilities.” – 6th grade Science Teacher

“I think you did an outstanding job of capturing the interactions between wildlife and people – and the information and activities were quite thought-provoking – but also will be lots of fun and engaging for the students… I especially loved lesson 5 titled Taking Action! The activities contained here could very well be life-changing for students.” – Conservation Coordinator

“This curriculum does a wonderful job of helping students to understand the various points of view and the factors involved regarding snow leopards…They also learned to better understand the food web, consumers and producers, and the effects of upsetting this delicate balance.” – 5th Grade Teacher