Volunteers are a vital part of the Snow Leopard Trust’s effort to save this endangered cat.

By donating some of your time, you can help spread the word about snow leopards, raise funds for critical conservation programs, and create a brighter future for these incredible big cats.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please tell us about yourself:

Other Creative Ways to Get Involved

There are a million different ways to become an important part of snow leopard conservation. We love to see our supporters find creative to contribute to our efforts in the cities where they live. By using your own special talents, you can help grow our efforts without necessarily making a direct donation. You have the power to create a lasting impact that directly benefits snow leopards living in the wild throughout Central Asia.
See our suggestions below, and if you have a creative idea you are planning to use to help snow leopards, email us at info@snowleopard.org.

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We use our social media channels to share the latest and greatest news about our conservation efforts. By visiting these pages you will learn what’s important to snow leopards right now, and find out ways you can help.
  • Post a recommendation of our organization. We want to know what you think about our conservation efforts! If you post a positive recommendation of us on sites like Charitynavigator.org, Greatnonprofits.org or Givinglibrary.org, it will be read by potential supporters and encourage them to donate.
  • Write about us on your blog or social media sites. If you already have your own online channels, consider sharing our story with your followers. Every post or article you write will give snow leopard conservation a stronger online presence, and we are happy to re-post the story you write on our channels as well.
  • Use charity search engines. Did you know that you can raise money for snow leopards while doing everyday things like searching the internet and buying online? Goodsearch and Goodshop.org are search engines that donate 1¢ for every internet search made through their website. By selecting us as your charity of choice, you can make a donation with the click of a button.