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Adopted by all 12 snow leopard range countries at the 2013 Snow Leopard Conservation Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, the Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Program is an ambitious, multilateral effort to secure viable snow leopard populations across the cat's range.

An initial goal of the program is to secure at least 20 snow leopard landscapes by 2020. Range countries have identified 23 such landscapes, and are currently working on management plans to ensure they can be safe havens for these cats.

The Snow Leopard Trust has been a key technical and strategic partner in the GSLEP process from the very beginning, drafting the program document ahead of the 2013 Global Forum, and driving its implementation forward since.

The Snow Leopard Network (SLN) is a worldwide organization dedicated to facilitating the exchange of information between individuals, organizations and governments for the purpose of snow leopard preservation.

The Snow Leopard Network was created in 2002 at the Snow Leopard Survival Summit in Seattle to promote scientifically sound conservation of the endangered snow leopard through networking and collaboration between individuals, organizations, and governments.

The SLN strives to establish and strengthen professional linkages for addressing the crucial issues affecting the survival of snow leopards and their prey species, and the livelihood opportunities of local people.