Staff, Partner Organizations & Board

The Snow Leopard Trust’s staff is based both in the United States and internationally. In addition, we work closely with partner organizations in China, India, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia, and Pakistan. These dedicated scientists and conservation experts work closely with local communities in snow leopard regions to develop conservation programs that protect snow leopards and their habitat while improving the lives of local people near those habitats.

Science Team
  • Science and Conservation Director: Charudutt (Charu) Mishra, PhD (India)
  • Assistant Director of Science: Gustaf Samelius, PhD (Sweden)
  • Assistant Director of Conservation Policy and Partnerships: Koustubh Sharma, PhD (Kyrgyzstan)
  • Senior Conservation Scientist: Justine Shanti Alexander, PhD (China / Mongolia)
  • Senior Scientist: Örjan Johansson, PhD (Sweden)
  • Conservation Scientist: Ranjini Murali, PhD (India)
  • Senior Advisor: Suri Venkatachalam, PhD (India)
Operations Team
  • Executive Director: Charudutt (Charu) Mishra, PhD (India)
  • Deputy Director: Marissa Niranjan (USA)
  • Finance, Admin &
    Compliance Director: Laura Farnitano (USA)
  • Director of Philanthropy: Shelly Watts (USA)
  • Senior Philanthropy Manager: Jennifer Snell Rullman (USA)
  • Senior Communications Manager: Beth Stewart (USA)
  • Senior Technology Architect: Jeff Brown (Bhutan)
  • Donor Relations Manager: Maggie Marovich (USA)
  • Grants Manager: Liz Daniel (USA)
  • Grant Writer: Deborah Turnbull (USA)
  • Grant Writer: Maddison Rosenberg (USA)
  • Marketing & Outreach
    Specialist: John Klees (USA)
  • Administrative Assistant: Hayley Moore (USA)
Snow Leopard Trust Board of Directors
  • President: Rhetick Sengupta
  • Vice-President: Gayle Podrabsky
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Gary Podrabsky
  • Barbara Blywise
  • Lisa Dabek, PhD
  • Todd George
  • Jed Gorden, MD
  • James Platts
  • Brad Rutherford
  • Stephen Sparrow
Country Partner Organizations

We collaborate closely with Country Partner Organizations in five key snow leopard range countries. They are independent, locally registered organizations led and staffed by leading snow leopard conservationists and scientists.

China | Partner Organization – Shan Shui Conservation Center

India | Partner Organization – Nature Conservation Foundation

Kyrgyzstan | Partner Organization – Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan

Mongolia | Partner Organization: Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation

Pakistan | Partner Organization – Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan