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Build long-term partnerships with snow leopard communities by joining Team Snow Leopard.

Workplace Giving

Give easily by making a donation automatically from each paycheck.


Legacy Giving

Leave a lasting legacy through your will, trust, or other estate plan.


Make a Donation

Your donation helps fund snow leopard research and conservation programs.

Become a Fundraiser

Start your own fundraiser for any occasion and invite others to make a difference for snow leopards.

Fund a Project

Help fund a specific conservation project and get updates on the progress on the ground.

Other Ways to Help

Can't afford to donate or shop right now but still want to help save snow leopards? No problem! There are many non-monetary ways you can help protect snow leopards....

Partner with us

The Snow Leopard Trust partners with individuals and groups from around the world to help protect the endangered snow leopard. We work with artists, businesses, foundations, retailers, zoos and other conservation organizations in order to spread awareness and raise vital resources for these cats.

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Volunteer with us

Volunteers are a vital part of the Snow Leopard Trust. You’re a big reason why we can meet our goals for conservation year after year. By donating some of your time, skill, and passion, you can help us spread the word about snow leopards and create a brighter future for these incredible big cats.

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Host an Event

A great way to do something you love and help snow leopard conservation at the same time. Host an event of your choice and ask for donations, or sell a product to raise money. Bowling nights, garage sales, cook-offs, bake sales, and bike marathons are just a few examples of events supporters have hosted.

Please email to find out more

Sell Our Products

Do you know a great arts-and-crafts fair or a community market in your area? You could sell some of our products there to help raise funds for snow leopard conservation. Your community will love the quality, style, and story of these handicrafts from the heart of Central Asia! 

Please email to find out more

Kids Can Help Too!

Below is a list of ideas for projects that you can start at school or in your neighborhood, but you can use your imagination to think of other ways to help. Once you’re all done, let us know how it went!

Reach out to your community to help you save snow leopards

Do you belong to a sporting group, a book club, or a Church? Your friends, their parents, their coworkers and your neighbors could be just as interested in saving snow leopard as you are. Many of our young supporters have shared their love of these magnificent cats with others and even collected donations to send in! We're happy to send you some postcards and flyers to hand out to people. Please email to find out more

Ask your teacher to teach your class about snow leopards

The Snow Leopard Trust’s conservation efforts are a really cool addition to any class about biology or our natural world. We even have a lesson plan (also called a curriculum) that your teacher can use! It includes a lot of fun activities for the whole class and some really interesting facts about snow leopards. This is an excellent way to share your love for snow leopards while having a fun time in class. Please email to find out more

Do a school project on snow leopards

We know you have a lot of projects to do at school, so why not do a project about the snow leopards you love! You'll find a lot of great information to help you with your report on our website. Go to the snow leopard facts page to find out more!

Ask for a Snow Leopard Trust birthday present

If you ask your family to purchase one of our Snow Leopard Adoption Packages or a snow leopard t-shirt, book, or plush toy for your birthday present, you will get a cool gift and help save snow leopards at the same time! Find out more in our online store

Shop to Save Snow Leopards

Browse our online store for great gift ideas that help protect this endangered cat. You'll find stunning handmade felt rugs, hot pads, and pet products; unique camel wool hats, gloves, and scarves, and stylish snow leopard t-shirts, caps, and water bottles - plus calendars, magnets, and more!