Anu’s Tale – From Little Cub to Proud Mother of Triplets

Using remote-sensor research cameras and GPS tracking collars, Snow Leopard Trust researchers have been able to follow and observe a young female snow leopard named Anu over the course of four years as she grew up, dispersed from her mother and later had cubs herself twice in her mountain habitat in Mongolia’s South Gobi. The latest photos show Anu followed by three small cubs. Her tale is a powerful sign of hope for the endangered cat species.

Must-see VIDEO of Mother snow leopard with Cubs

You have to see this (from Koustubh Sharm, our Regional Field Biologist): Here are some pictures (converted into a short video!) of the snow leopards kittens that were photographed in our research site, less than a km from the base-camp. The spontaneous reaction of a loud YEAY was unanimous on seeing this pictures.  It seems …