Must-see VIDEO of Mother snow leopard with Cubs

You have to see this (from Koustubh Sharm, our Regional Field Biologist):

Here are some pictures (converted into a short video!) of the snow leopards kittens that were photographed in our research site, less than a km from the base-camp. The spontaneous reaction of a loud YEAY was unanimous on seeing this pictures.  It seems that the female (leading the gang!) is our very first Eureka, who had apparently been ‘absconding’ ever since she was photographed for the first few times in the vicinity of the camp a year ago! Although we are not certain of the ID (we only had her left flanks photographed last year!), we all at the camp thought that it is, based on her tail and rump patterns!  We hope to get more pictures of the family in the coming month once all the 41 cameras are deployed in the field! So much more in store from Mongolia as we enter our second year of the long-term research!


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