Video: Snow Leopard Mother and Cub

Camera trap catches a wild snow leopard mother and her young cub on an excursion in Kyrgyzstan's Sarychat Ertash reserve.

A remote-sensor camera trap caught rare footage of a snow leopard mother and her cub in Sarychat Ertash State Nature Reserve, Kyrgyzstan.

Worldwide, there may be as few as 4,000 wild snow leopards left. The mountainous Kyrgyz Republic is a stronghold for the endangered cat, and a pioneer in its conservation.

We’re grateful to the State Agency for Environment Protection & Forestry of the Kyrgyz Republic for their leadership on snow leopard research and conservation, and to our partners and donors for their tremendous support.


  1. This is fantastic footage and so heartwarming to see! The snow leopards are such breathtakingly beautiful animals!

  2. I haven’t found much of a joy than the one after seeing this video. Earth will smile when each and every animal is secured in the lap of her.

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