Wild Snow Leopard Family From Kyrgyzstan Poses for Pics

Rare, endangered snow leopard mother and her two cubs captured by research camera in Kyrgyzstan!

Kuban Jumabai uulu, the Snow Leopard Trust’s Kyrgyz Country Director just returned from setting out research cameras in Sarychat-Ertash Nature Reserve – and he brought a flash drive full of photos with him.

These cameras were purchased last year thanks to the generous help of dozens of snow leopard supporters who chipped in to a campaign to fund them. Now, the snow leopards of Sarychat are doing their part to reward this generosity!

A snow leopard mom and her two cubs recently came across one of the cameras – and the family was kind enough to stop for a couple of photos. Unsurprisingly, the little ones couldn’t keep a straight face for long!


KG-family-2Wild cubs are powerful symbols of hope for the endangered snow leopard, so our team in Kyrgyzstan was particularly thrilled when they saw these photos.

“We had seen a lot of snow leopard signs in this area when we set up the camera”, recalls Kuban, “now we know why!”

These photos will help us get a clear picture of Sarychat-Ertash’s snow leopard population and will inform measures to protect these cats.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible!


  1. Sadly, I hadn’t paid much attention to Snow Leopards in the past. But, gladly, I found them on Facebook! Thank so much, I’m in love!

  2. I love these snow leopards they are beautiful & magestic animals !! I wish that the poachers would leave these animals alone !!!! I do hope that these beautiful animals never become extinct !!!!! I hope the numbers of snow leopards grow, Linda Schmidt

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