A Million Bucks to Save Snow Leopards

The Snow Leopard Trust’s pioneering handicraft-for-conservation program Snow Leopard Enterprises is about to hit $1 million in sales.

Snow Leopard Enterprises is remarkably simple – and yet unique in the world of conservation: We buy beautiful wool handicrafts from herder communities and market them internationally, to customers like you. In return, herders sign contracts designed to protect the snow leopard and other wildlife.

Since 2004, this program has generated almost $1 million in sales – money that has flown straight into snow leopard communities, helping these endangered cats and the people who live with them.

Shop now for some of these amazing products and help us reach this milestone. Who knows, you might even end up being the customer that helps us over the hump!

All Snow Leopard Enterprises products feature this yellow cat icon in our shop, so you know exactly which items will count towards the million.cat icon

slippers  feltedcat

colorful Kyrgyz slippers                                                      unique, handmade felt snow leopards

napkins  mice

embroidered napkins from Pakistan                                  Felt toy mice for cats

ornaments  booties

Felted animal ornaments from Mongolia                          Cute donkey booties for babies

yarn  glasses-case

Mongolian camel wool yarn                                               Felted glasses and phone cases

and much much more!

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