A Vision for Global Nature Conservation

The Ethical Conservation Alliance (ECA) is inspiring a growing collaborative movement towards ethical nature conservation across the world’s lands and oceans. Dedicated to changing the way conservation is practiced, this global alliance is establishing new standards to make conservation more equitable, just and effective.

Where the eyes go, the heart will follow

Many of you know we use motion-activated cameras to study snow leopard populations, behavior, and habitat use. But those cameras, while crucial for research, only take low-resolution images. The beautiful photos you see in our calendars and newsletters are nearly always donated by talented wildlife photographers who support our mission to protect snow leopards. We asked one such photographer, Sascha Fonseca, about his recent expedition with our team in Kyrgyzstan.

How One Person Can Make a Difference

When a fellow Zookeeper from Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo reached out to us to make a donation in honor of her colleague’s retirement after 35 years, we knew we wanted to highlight Allison Barr’s story. It is an incredible testament to how inspiration breeds inspiration and exemplifies the ripple effect of what can happen when you share your passion and dedication with others.