Amazing video of snow leopard hunting prey

Photographers Vedant Thite and Edith Barschi recently shared an astounding video of a snow leopard chasing a urial down a steep mountain. It’s a perfect example of this impressive carnivore’s unique ability to hunt prey in its rocky terrain. Watch below how it uses its long tail to navigate the quick sharp turns—truly amazing adaptations in action.

Meet Snow Leopard Trust’s New Science & Conservation Director, Dr. Koustubh Sharma

We are pleased to announce Dr. Koustubh Sharma as our new Conservation Science Director. He has been with Snow Leopard Trust for 16 years and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome this conservation veteran to his new role. Get to know Koustubh a little better and hear some of his incredible stories in the following Q and A.

A Risky Business or a Rich Reward?

Red foxes are one of the most ubiquitous carnivore species across the northern hemisphere, in no small part because of their adaptability in what and how they eat. In the clip above, you can see a fox and its kit gnawing at an unidentified piece of food, possibly scavenged from a nearby human settlement. They are also known to scavenge the kills of larger carnivores like snow leopards, a risky move that can see the fox injured or killed.