A New Year filled with New Hope

We asked some of our team members to share what gives them hope for the future of snow leopards. As is often the case, it was difficult to pin them down since so many are out in the field at any given time. But a few found time to let us know what motivates and energizes them every day. Not surprisingly, a lot of that inspiration comes from YOU and our incredible community partners living in snow leopard landscapes.

Collared Animal Updates from the Field

As part of our long-term efforts to track and better understand snow leopards and their prey, we are currently following three GPS collared snow leopards and two collared ibex (more on how three ibex became two below). Since we collared our first snow leopard in the South Gobi in 2008, we’ve collected more than 60,000 locations from a total of 34 snow leopards.

The Other Wonders of Nature in Snow Leopard Landscapes

The beauty of snow leopard conservation is that it’s not just about protecting snow leopards. It’s about saving a whole diversity of species and habitats. As apex predators with large home ranges, snow leopards create an “umbrella” effect: protecting them implies protecting the entire high mountain ecosystem.

The Reality of Living with Snow Leopards

Our colleague in Mongolia shared a moving story about the challenges of living with snow leopards. While it’s easy to understand how its mythical nature and wild beauty inspire such awe and wonder, it can be difficult to reconcile that with the other dimension of this apex predator. Yes, it’s a carnivore that kills wild prey but it also sometimes kills domestic livestock. Many of the people living in snow leopard habitat depend on their herds of sheep, goats, camels, cattle or yaks for their livelihood. Losing even one animal to snow leopard predation can be devastating, as detailed in the story below.

Nations for Snow Leopards Win Prestigious International Award for Biodiversity Conservation

DOWNLOAD FULL PRESS RELEASE How the power of nature conservation fosters international cooperation   Seattle, WA | September 22, 2022 The BBVA Foundation’s Biodiversity Conservation Awards honored Snow Leopard Trust with its Worldwide Award in recognition of its role in helping to create and support the Global Snow Leopard Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP), a first-of-its-kind …

Snow Leopard Selfies Matter

We’ll let you in on a little secret, when our field teams upload a new batch of camera trap photos to our dropbox, we’re like little kids opening a present. We can’t wait to see what our research cameras captured. These snow leopard ‘selfies’ collected by our scientists and rangers are essential to our conservation work. They tell us so much about snow leopard populations, behavior, ecology and habitat use and help inform global conservation efforts. Bonus – they’re also really beautiful. Meet the cats of Nemegt in our latest update from the field.