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Help a Mongolian herder woman and snow leopard defender win a conservation prize for her important work.

Surenkhuu Luvsan is fighting mining companies in court to protect precious snow leopard habitat.

Surenkhuu Luvsan (center) during a press conference in Mongolia. Photo by ikon media.

This Mongolian herder woman and environmentalist is nominated for the 2018 David Shepherd Conservation Award – and she needs your vote to win this prestigious prize and continue her important work!

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Surenkhuu was instrumental in getting Tost Mountain protected as Nature Reserve. Photo by SLT

Surenkhuu lives in the South Gobi desert, on the edge of Tost Nature Reserve, the country’s first protected area set aside specifically for snow leopards. She was one of the key community activists in the grassroots campaign to protect Tost.

But while she has won that battle, her struggle continues. Now, mining companies have set their sights on a critically important oasis just south of the reserve. It’s one of the only large sources of water for hundreds of miles around; essential for both people and wildlife.

Tost’s lone oasis is under threat from mining. Surenkhuu is leading the grassroots fight to protect it. Photo by SLT

Surenkhuu is convinced that mining activities around the oasis are illegal – and she is not backing down. For more than a year, she has been arguing her case in Mongolia’s court system, but a decision keeps getting delayed. Surenkhuu believes the mining companies are simply trying to stall and wait for her patience and resources to run out.

The David Shepherd Conservation Hero Award would give Surenkhuu the resources, the motivation and the public attention she needs to keep up her fight for Tost’s oasis! Please support her fight with your vote now!

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  1. The world needs more people like you. I pray for your health and happiness. May God bless you for doing what so many people should be doing. I’m sitting in Starbuck’s coffee shop in Stockton, California wishing that I could meet you. Thank you for the work you are doing. Richard

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