Photos of Wild Snow Leopard Cubs!

The photos and video from Anu and Lasya’s den sites are in! We have never before encountered wild snow leopard cubs, and we are thrilled to share our experience with you. You can check out our YouTube channel to see live footage of the den visits!

Additional details on the event can be found here.

This long-term snow leopard study in Mongolia’s South Gobi is a joint project with Snow Leopard Trust, Snow Leopard Conservation Fund, and Panthera, and is in cooperation with the Mongolia Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism and the Mongolia Academy of Sciences.

Lasya’s Den Site and Two Cubs


Lasya’s Two Cubs are Just Weeks Old
A Close-Up of One of Lasya’s Tiny Cubs
Anu’s Den was Partially Manmade
Anu’s Tiny Cub


  1. That is amazing! Congratulations to Lasya and Anu for these beautiful snow leopard cubs! I hope they have a bright and adventurous future.

  2. Bless all of you as you are doing such an amazing job in saving those magnificent cats. My dream is one day perhaps experience what you guys experience in the wild with the cats and hope my dream comes true
    The cubs look healthy and cuties

    Keep it up and you always have my support

  3. A miracle to see these precious wild animals so up close and the proud patient’s of the mother to allow up close of her two proud cubs.

  4. The birth of thes beautiful SL cubs in remote frigid environments in Mongolia brings us hope that planet earth is still going to stay for some time. The efforts of the researchers for finding these charming cats in the wild are quite awesome.

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