Peek into the Life of a Snow Leopard Mom & Cubs

We all love photos of playful snow leopard cubs traipsing behind mom, jumping on her and wrestling their siblings. However, these endearing scenes only emerge after months of development. Born blind and helpless, the cubs remain hidden in their den for the first few months, gradually gaining strength before venturing into the outside world. Mom must provide all their nourishment and protection during this time – no simple feat, especially when she still has to hunt for her own food. These first few months are busy for a new snow leopard mom!

The Secret Love Lives of Wild Snow Leopards

It’s that time of year again in the high mountains of Central Asia. No, not Valentine’s Day but something similar in the big cat world. It’s snow leopard mating season. And a bit more than three months later comes snow leopard cub season. How does the mythical ghost of the mountain compare to other big cats when it comes to love and family? We asked Senior Scientist Dr. Örjan Johansson and Assistant Director of Science Dr. Gustaf Samelius to share some of their insights into snow leopard mating habits and reproduction.