Video Footage of Rare, Elusive Snow Leopards

Check out exciting new footage from our snow leopard study area in Mongolia’s South Gobi district.

The Snow Leopard Trust has been conducting a ground-breaking long-term study into the ecology and behavior of the endangered snow leopard in Mongolia’s South Gobi region since 2008. Remote-sensor research cameras are a key research tool used in this study. They allow scientists to estimate snow leopard populations and monitor how the cats are doing.

As a nice side effect, the cameras also provide unprecedented footage of these famously elusive cats – and we’re proud and happy to share this footage with you.


The long-term study is a joint project of the Snow Leopard Trust and Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation in cooperation with the Mongolia Ministry of Nature, Environment and Tourism, and the Mongolia Academy of Sciences.

It’s made possible through the support of:

Cat Life Foundation
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Kolmarden Zoo
Nordens Ark
Swedish University of Agricultural Science
Whitley Fund for Nature
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
South Lakes Wild Animal Park
Phoenix Zoo
Helsinki Zoo
Safari Club International Foundation
Dakota Zoo
Snow Leopard Trust UK
Edrington Group & Edrington Americas
Tulsa Zoo
La Passerelle/Parc Animalier d’Auvergne

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