Sweet Treats Help Save Cats

The Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle (where our operations office is located) was filled with the delicious smell of homemade sweet treats last Friday. Two local teenagers, Theo Perlin and Ina Megalli, were holding a bake sale to benefit snow leopard conservation!

Five years ago, Ina and Theo had the same idea: they’d sell homemade cookies and scones, and collect money to help save their favorite animal – the snow leopard. By a twist of fate, the two met (or heard of each other, the details are perhaps lost to history), and decided to team up. Ever since, they’ve held an annual bake sale in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood to benefit the Snow Leopard Trust. This year, the duo have reached a milestone: they’ve now raised a total of more than $1,000 for snow leopards!

The two young bakers and a happy customer: SLT Executive Director Michael Despines.
The two young bakers and a happy customer: SLT Executive Director Michael Despines.

Our Executive Director, Michael Despines, stopped by their stand on his way home to grab some sweet treats for the weekend and to thank these two young conservation heroes for their awesome support. “I’m humbled by Ina’s and Theo’s passion – and I’m in awe of their baking skills”, Michael said.

From all of us at the Snow Leopard Trust, here in Seattle and around the world, thank you, Ina and Theo – you rock!


  1. ina and Theo, Im so glad to know that there still are kind hearted people out there like you. I wish there were more people out there doing what you two are doing for the beautiful snow leopard. I m also very concerned about the snow leopards. What can I do to help the snow leopard? Sincerely, Linda Schmidt

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