Supporters Raise $350,000 for Snow Leopards!

A wave of generosity brings in record funds to help protect endangered snow leopards from poaching and retaliation killings.

Every day, one snow leopard is killed on average – some are killed by poachers, but even more by herders who are trying to protect their livestock.

Although this number is staggering, Snow Leopard Trust supporters like you have sent a powerful message of hope this fall: They’ve raised over $350,000 to help protect these endangered cats!

We know that herders, farmers and wildlife rangers are our most important partners in the fight against poaching and killing of these endangered cats. Working with communities to prevent these killings is one of our core strengths!

The funds raised by our supporters will allow us to work with over 5,000 herder families in 2017 to prevent retaliation killings, and to train dozens of wildlife rangers to combat poaching more effectively.

Thank you very much to everyone who gave, spread the word and helped these cats!




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