Stunning Snow Leopard Photos from Kyrgyzstan

Hidden camera traps help researchers count snow leopards and provide the rest of us with spectacular glimpses of the world's most elusive big cat!

Sarychat Ertash State Nature Reserve, high up in the Tian Shan mountains, is one of Kyrgyzstan’s prime snow leopard habitats. Thanks to years of systematic monitoring with camera traps, we know that the areas is home to an estimated 18 of these endangered cats right now. Our team has just returned from Sarychat Ertash with a series of stunning new photos.

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With your support and the help of partners such as the Kyrgyz State Agency for Environment Protection and Forestry and Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, the Snow Leopard Trust studies and monitors Sarychat’s snow leopards, and works with local communities around the reserve to help ensure these cats stay safe!

Through the handicraft-for-conservation program Snow Leopard Enterprises, local families from the nearby villages of Enilchek and Ak Shyirak earn a sustainable income.

They produce beautiful felt products from the wool of their livestock – including these awesome snow leopard coasters.


We purchase the products from them, and sell them at a premium through zoo partners and our website. In return, participating families pledge not to hunt any snow leopards or prey species or assist any outside hunters.

This summer, we’re also helping these communities build predator-proof corrals to keep their livestock safe from snow leopard attacks. This will help increase tolerance for the predator, and reduce the danger of retaliatory killings.

International Snow Leopard Conservation Summit

This August, Kyrgyzstan will host the 2017 International Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Forum, a high-level event where leaders from all snow leopard range countries and the international community come together to discuss and take action on the most pressing conservation priorities.

Please sign our petition to these leaders today and urge them to take meaningful action for these cats.


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