Rare Footage: a Snow Leopard Family of Four

A mother and her three almost fully grown cubs visit a research camera.

The footage, recorded in the fall of 2017 in Mongolia’s newly established Tost Nature Reserve, illustrates that populations of the endangered snow leopard can and will thrive when given the chance. Across their vast range, these cats continue to face increasing threats such as retaliation killings, poaching, and the loss of prey and habitat. But through focused efforts – including protected core habitats as well as community-based measures to help local herder coexist with the cat – the snow leopard has a chance!

Thank you to everyone who helps us help this cat, in 2018 and beyond! If you’d like to take action as well, please consider joining Team Snow Leopard, our group of awesome monthly donors. Starting at $5 a month, you can have a real impact!

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  1. beautiful animals,to see this photos mother and cubs is a improvement of your’s in the hard work (care) of the leopard’s.

  2. Good to see. Thanks Michael for letting us know about them. I will see if I can make another donation mid-year.

  3. Thank you Snow Leopard Trust, thank you Michael. You are doing such an important job and are doing it so well. This film is your ‘award’.

  4. I see they all made the flehmen face in response to a scent. Is there a scent lure in front of the camera, and if so what are you using?

  5. Michael this is sensational footage! To think that this mama leopard is raising 3 cubs to maturity by herself is really an amazing feat! Thanks for sending us this video!

  6. What a fantastic video! It’s so wonderful to see that a family of 3 cubs can exist in such a hostile environment, thanks to efforts of the Trust and the many inhabitants that are now on board with the need to preserve these magnificent endangered wild cats. Keep up the good work. Will hopefully donate again during the year.

  7. Thanks so much for this video – amazing. Love seeing a viable family. Thanks also for all your hard work and the hard work of the people on the ground who are helping these animals survive.

  8. Fantastic footage! The snow leopards are such beautiful animals and it is so heartening to see their success! Thank you for all you do!

  9. I am totally thrilled to see this footage! Especially to see all four so healthy and thriving. I appreciate all your combined efforts to keep this magnificent species alive. Thank you – will continue to support your great work.

  10. I appreciate the tremendous work the Snow Leopard Trust does to preserve this most magnificent of animals in its home range amidst trying circumstances. We can all help in the effort by, among others, purchasing the great handicrafts sold at the Snow Leopard store.

  11. Fantastic footage! The snow leopards are such beautiful animals and it is so heartening to see their success! Thank you for all you do!

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