Pallas’s Cats Posing for Pictures

We're all about the snow leopard, but that doesn't mean we can't occasionally celebrate other felines as well... especially if they pose for pictures for us, like these rare Pallas's Cats in Mongolia's Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park.

Pictures were taken by camera traps set up by the park rangers of Gurvansaikhan National Park, in collaboration with Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation and Snow Leopard Trust.

While the main purpose of the cameras is to monitor snow leopards, they’re also an excellent tool to gather more information about the distribution of Pallas’s cats in the landscape. This is part of an international Pallas’s cat conservation project, PICA, founded by the Royal Zoological Society of ScotlandNordens Ark, a Swedish breeding center and zoo, and the Snow Leopard Trust that aims to gather more information on this small feline species. This project was made possible by the support of Fondation Segré.


  1. Wow! Those are amazing. And they are rare individuals, these Palla’s Cats? It’s nice to know even these individuals can take excellent photos. I always thought that the regular community of Snow Leopards do take good photos, but those are just as good.

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