Mongolia is home to the second largest population of snow leopards in the world, second only to China.

Partner Organization

The Snow Leopard Trust first began working in Mongolia in 1992. We partner with the Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation (SLCF), led by Bayara Agvantseeren, to support and grow snow leopard conservation efforts in the country.

Long-Term Ecological Study

Since 2009, we’ve been conducting the world’s most comprehensive long-term ecological study on snow leopards in the South Gobi region of Mongolia; using state-of-the-art techniques such as GPS tracking collars and remote sensing cameras.This study has led to several groundbreaking scientific findings and has produced unprecedented insights into the ecology and behavior of these endangered cats.

Area of Snow Leopard Habitat
  • 101,000 km2
Snow Leopard Population
  • 500-1,000
Threats to Snow Leopards
  • Poaching for trade in hides or bones
  • Retribution killing for livestock loss
  • Mining interests in snow leopard habitat
Current Research & Conservation Programs
Landscape Focus Area
  • South Gobi