One of the world’s most mountainous countries, more than half of the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic is in potential snow leopard habitat. In recent years, this Central Asian nation has emerged as a leader in snow leopard conservation on the political stage, hosting the first ever Global Snow Leopard Forum in the capital, Bishkek, in 2013.

Partner Organization

The Snow Leopard Trust first began working in Kyrgyzstan in 2001. We are working in the country with Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan, a local organization founded and led by our longtime Country Program Coordinator, Kubanychbek (Kuban) Jumabai uulu.

Area of Snow Leopard Habitat
  • 105,000 km2
Estimated Snow Leopard Population
  • 150-500
Threats to Snow Leopards
  • Reduction of natural prey due to commercial hunting
  • Poaching for trade in hides or bones
  • Retribution killing for livestock loss
  • Mining
Current Research & Conservation Programs
Landscape Focus Area
  • Sarychat Ertash Complex