China is home to the largest number of wild snow leopards in the world. This nation shares a border with 9 of the 12 other countries where snow leopards are found and contains over half of the world’s potential snow leopard habitat.

Partner Organization

The Snow Leopard Trust works in a three-way partnership with Shan Shui Conservation Center, a leading Chinese conservation NGO based in Beijing, and cat conservation organization Panthera, to expand snow leopard conservation efforts in the Three Rivers area of China. Shan Shui is led by Dr. Lu Zhi.

Area of Snow Leopard Habitat
  • 1,100,000 km2
Estimated Snow Leopard Population
  • 2,000 – 2,500
Threats to Snow Leopards
  • Poaching for trade in hides or bones
  • Reduction of natural prey (Poaching or habitat loss)
  • Retribution killing for livestock loss
  • Mining
Current Research & Conservation Programs
  • Research Camera Studies
  • Research on feral dogs of the Tibetan plateau
  • Research on the implication of sacred sites for snow leopard conservation
  • Research on landscape genetics
  • Research on snow leopard and common leopard interactions
  • Community-based monitoring
  • Livestock insurance scheme
  • Anti-poaching initiative
  • Garbage management program
  • Conservation Education Programs
Landscape Focus Area
  • Sanjiangyuan Complex, Qinghai Province