GivingTuesday: A Big Gift for the Cats

Every dollar given for snow leopards on #GivingTuesday is worth twice as much!

To celebrate #GivingTuesday, the day of charitable giving, two generous donors have agreed to match every donation and snow leopard adoption made WITHIN 24 HOURS!

You, our amazing community of supporters, have come through in a huge way!

Here’s how much you’ve raised:



This full amount will be matched, for a total of $41,062!

With this money, we’ll be able to purchase 16 urgently needed research cameras AND cover the costs of deploying them for two new snow leopard landscape surveys this winter!

These 3 cats are living proof of the worth of the landscape they live in
These 3 cats are living proof of the worth of the landscape they live in

Lifting the Veil

Research cameras allow us to lift the veil on the snow leopard’s secret world. With the photos they take, we can estimate cat populations much more accurately than before, and we can observe how these populations change over time.

The information we’ve gained from these cameras has been crucial in protecting these endangered cats: in Mongolia, the data you helped us collect has convinced local authorities to grant Protected Area status to the Tost mountains, a snow leopard stronghold. In Kyrgyzstan, information gained through camera studies has been key in halting attempts to weaken the Sarychat reserve, one of the cats’ best habitats.

Our teams in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, but also in Pakistan, China, and India, have built the capacity to survey many new areas. They’ve trained local people to set up cameras, maintain them and collect photos. They’re ready to open even more windows into the snow leopard’s lives – all they need is more cameras!

Thank you for helping us seize this amazing opportunity to survey – and protect – yet another important piece of snow leopard habitat.

Thank you very much!

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