Cubs Are Growing Up

One of our research cameras in Kyrgyzstan’s Sarychat-Ertash Nature Reserve recently picked up this beautiful sequence of a wild snow leopard mother with three cubs. 

Analysis of spot patterns later revealed that these are the same cats we had seen the previous year, when the cubs were still tiny. “It’s great to see these cubs growing up. It gives me hope for the future of these cats in Kyrgyzstan“, says Kuban Jumabai uulu, the Country Director for our Kyrgyzstan program.

Overall, a preliminary analysis of the 2015 research camera data has shown that there are at least 19 individual snow leopards in Sarychat Ertash – along with other animals such as brown bears.


This work has been supported by the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, the Chattanooga Zoo, and Fondation Segré / Whitley Fund for Nature.



  1. Words are inadequate to describe the emotion I feel watching these most beautiful creatures. The doco of seeing Snow Leopards mating is truly amazing. I am in ore with their beauty.The male so gentle with his lady and she so loving toward her mate. It has changed my day. Thank you for the work you do and your caring to help them survive in this world

  2. You say the snow leopards will be released in the wild? How is that possible if they are not afraid of humans and you interact with them constantlyThey will not survive in the wild

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