Climbing to new heights with Dynafit

Dynafit’s 14th Annual Snow Leopard Day was once again a chuffing success for athletes and snow leopards. The mountain endurance company will contribute over €40,000 for snow leopard conservation - a new record!

Our partnership with Dynafit climbed to new heights – literally – as 2,308 ski-touring athletes from more than a dozen countries took inspiration from the mighty snow leopard and logged a collective 2,932,965 vertical meters over two weekends of competition. That’s an average of 1,270 meters per person! 

Dynafit contributes one euro cent for every vertical meter climbed during their Snow Leopard Day ski-touring event. When the snow finally settled and the vertical meters counted, they raised a record €40,226 – to be split between Snow Leopard Trust and WWF. Thank you to the athletes and the Dynafit team for making this awesome partnership possible. And a big shout out to Till Schiele from Germany – who skied 101 kilometers and logged 10,000 vertical meters in just 21 hours – a feat even a snow leopard could envy!

As an athlete’s brand with a focus on mountain endurance sports, the mountains and outdoors are where we are at home, where we really let go and at the same time replenish our energy stores. That’s why we see it as our obligation to contribute to the preservation and protection of our environment and also to motivate our communities to get involved. The Snow Leopard Day has been for many years a significant part of our sustainability promise and our contribution in protecting the snow leopard.” – Alexander Nehls, DYNAFIT International Marketing Director. 

Dynafit’s generous contribution will go towards funding PAWS (Population Assessment of the World’s Snow Leopards) and help bring us a few meters closer to the first global population survey of snow leopards in the wild.

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