Celebrate International Snow Leopard Day With Us

Happy International Snow Leopard Day! In honor of the 12 range countries where snow leopards make their habitat, Snow Leopard Trust presents 12 actions you can take to celebrate and protect snow leopards. Whether you can complete just one, or all 12 suggestions, we hope you will learn more about snow leopards and be motivated to join our global community of supporters!

1. Take a hike with our Conservation Education Manager, Nadia Mijiddorj, through “Snow Leopard Valley” in the South Gobi of Mongolia and learn about snow leopard habitat. And if you’re able, enjoy a local hike and immerse yourself in the nature nearby—or find a local conservation initiative in your own community!

2. Sign our petition calling on leaders from all 12 range countries to strengthen conservation efforts that will minimize disease transmission between wildlife & people.

3. Visit the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program (GSLEP) website to learn about the ongoing conservation forum that includes ministers from all 12 range countries.

4. Check out our blog to read about all our latest updates and snow leopard stories.

Camera trap photo by Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan/ Snow Leopard Trust

5. Spot the Snow Leopard! Snow leopards reign supreme at the art of camouflage. See if you can spot the “Ghost of the Mountain” in this photo and then try to stump your friends and family. We’ll give you a hint, the snow leopard is nearly in range to pounce on his next meal, the noble ibex!

This photo was taken by Shiv Kumar, a naturalist and avid birder, as well as a dedicated frontline officer of the Himachal Pradesh Forest Department of India. He has spent many years photographing and filming snow leopards, and took this photo last winter when he visited Spiti.

6. Buy a $5 ticket to our recent virtual event and catch up on 24 hours of snow leopard content. All our sessions are still viewable and feature exclusive discussions, films, and more!

7. Start your own fundraising campaign dedicated to protecting wild snow leopards and get your family and friends involved in conservation work!

8. Adopt a Snow Leopard! The perfect gift for yourself or anyone who wants to cuddle their own snow leopard plushie!

Camera trap photo by Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation Mongolia/ Snow Leopard Trust

9. Make a monthly donation of $5/month or more and join Team Snow Leopard! This regular donation helps sustain big conservation projects over the long-term. And as a thank you, we’ll send you this exclusive iron-on patch!

10. Purchase our 2021 calendar featuring exclusive photos from National Geographic photographer, Prasenjeet Yadav, and get ready for another year of snow leopard conservation!

11. Share a snow leopard fact or story with a friend and help grow our circle of supporters!

Snow Leopard Fact Sheet

12. Repost & tag @snowleopardtrust content on social media! Spread the word of snow leopard conservation on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


  1. Thanks for the valuable suggestions. Snow leopards are most affected by climate change and its mitigation requires people to form pressure groups & organisations and force governments to formulate effective policies and allocate funds for implementation. Individual actions are needed and it does make a difference but without policy actions, the conservation of snow leopards is not possible.

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