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Check out the impact of your support for snow leopards in the Snow Leopard Trust's Annual Report for 2016.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, customers, and partners, the Snow Leopard Trust works to protect this endangered cat and its habitat in five crucial range countries – China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Pakistan. Please see our 2016 Annual Report for a detailed look at the impact you’ve had in the past year.

A look at our 2016 financials


Program highlights

40 wildlife rangers trained

With more people in the field, we can now collect snow leopard data in Mongolia in 5 days instead of 20.

150 cameras set out to study snow leopard populations

We completed 9 straight years of snow leopard surveys in Tost, Mongolia—now Tost’s snow leopards are the longest, most extensively studied snow leopards in the world.

5,000 herder families benefited from community conservation programs

In Kyrgyzstan, families in our handicraft program agreed to stop providing food and lodging for illegal hunters, thanks to the income they earn from craft sales.

300 children attended eco-camps

4 out of 5 children said their perception of wildlife and the environment changed in positive ways thanks to eco-camps.

Read our Annual Report as a PDF document

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