You’ve Met the Match for Bayara

Snow Leopard Trust supporters raised over $20,000 to support Goldman Prize winner Bayara Agvaantseren’s work in Mongolia. The Edrington Group and Snow Leopard Trust UK will generously match that amount.

Bayara Agvaantseren won the 2019 Goldman Environmental Prize for her key role in protecting critical snow leopard habitat in Tost Mountains, southern Mongolia, from mining.

But for Bayara and her team, their job is far from done. They are working with local communities and rangers to ensure that the snow leopards of Tost remain safe and that the local herders can continue to coexist peacefully with these cats. To keep this work going, Snow Leopard Trust supporters have raised over $20,000 in donations in less than a month!

Bayara Agvaantseren (2nd from left), discussing conservation ideas with herders in the Tost Mountains. Photo by Goldman Environmental Prize.

Inspired by Bayara and her team, the Edrington Group, owner of Snow Leopard Vodka, and Snow Leopard Trust UK, have decided to match all gifts up to $20,000. “Bayara embodies our values!. Dedication, integrity and hard work to save the world’s snow leopards. We’re thrilled to be able to do our part with this match”, says Stephen Sparrow, founder of Snow Leopard Vodka and Snow Leopard Trust UK.

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