Welcome to Team Snow Leopard!

36 new members have joined the Snow Leopard Trust's program of monthly giving, Team Snow Leopard, this February. Team Snow Leopard provides the foundation for our long-term conservation work!

After this record-setting month, Team Snow Leopard is now 664 members strong! Would you like to join as well? Membership starts at $5 per month!

As a monthly donor and team member, you form the backbone of the Snow Leopard Trust’s conservation work. Your steady support allows us to embark on long-term research projects, and to forge lasting partnerships with communities and authorities across the range of this endangered cat.

Lively discussions between villagers and the SLT team at a community meeting outside a village in Spiti, India. Team Snow Leopard members allow us to work on long-term relationship building.

In 2016, Team Snow Leopard raised a total of $113,000 to support conservation activities – and this year, the team is on track to break that record again!

“It’s invaluable to be able to count on the loyalty and dedication of Team Snow Leopard”, says Snow Leopard Trust Executive Director Michael Despines. “Crucial projects like our long-term ecological study in Mongolia would be all but impossible without the strong foundation the team provides.”

Click here to learn more about Team Snow Leopard and how you can join too!

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