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The critically acclaimed Living with Snow Leopards series transports you to Asia’s high mountains to experience the reality of living with this endangered big cat in your own backyard. See firsthand how families in snow leopard range countries navigate the challenges of coexisting with snow leopards.


Living with Snow Leopards: Dolma and Chondon

Meet two women in India who are changing how communities view snow leopards. Dolma and Chondon used to live in fear, losing prized livestock to hungry snow leopards. Today, they are their greatest champions, implementing community-led conservation programs to protect them. 


Living With Snow Leopards in India: Tashi’s Story

This beautiful 10-minute documentary about Snow Leopard Trust’s livestock insurance program in India won best film in the “People & Big Cat’s category at the International Big Cats Film Festival in 2018. Journey to Ladakh through the eyes of Tashi, a goat farmer participating in the program. With the help of Snow Leopard Trust, Tashi and his community insure their precious livestock against predation by snow leopards and wolves. In return, they set aside grazing land for the snow leopard’s prey species to feed on.

Living with Snow Leopards in Mongolia: Sainaa’s Story

Many years ago, she used to wish for the snow leopard’s extinction, but today, she dedicates her life to protecting it. Travel to Mongolia’s remote Yamaat Valley to meet Sainna, a herder and leader in our Snow Leopard Enterprises conservation program. Get a glimpse into Sainna’s world to see how grassroots conservation programs can shift perspectives. Families sharing this harsh landscape with snow leopards have come to value this elusive cat and become valuable allies in its conservation.

Acknowledgments: Produced by Fidget Films, LLCPontecorvo Productions and Snow Leopard Trust. Filmmaker Gayle Podrabsky (Vice President of Snow Leopard Trust’s Board of Directors) traveled to India and Mongolia to document the amazing conservation initiatives led by local communities and our partners, NCF India and SLCF-Mongolia. Thank you to the community members, field teams, operations staff and scientists who helped make these extraordinary stories possible. 

Photo credit: Tashi R. Ghale

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  1. Wonderful mini film, thank you. I doubt I shall go to attempt to see snow leopards again, but seeing your work makes me have hope for these beautiful cats. Thank you for all you do.


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