Video: Anu and her Cub

Check out the latest camera trap footage showing one of our most beloved snow leopards, Anu, having a drink at a water hole with her almost fully grown cub.

We’ve known Anu longer than any other snow leopard who has featured in our long-term study in Tost, Mongolia – she’s worn a GPS collar for two separate stretches, had at least four litters of cubs, and has given us unprecedented glimpses into the secretive lives of her species.

Now, she has once again made us a beautiful gift by stopping by one of our camera traps set up in her home range long enough for us to make this video.

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  1. Anu and cub, it is hard to express the incredible elation this footage gives. I am in Australia, another world away. Snow Leopards are going about their day, living, drinking, being. Thank you so much as i said so hard to express.

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