TwoStayWild: Saving the Snow Leopard

Two Stay Wild is a storytelling travel blog written by long-term budget travelers Laura and Matt. But this is not your usual travel blog - because Laura and Matt highlight environment conservation issues in the countries they visit. After a recent trip to Kyrgyzstan, they wrote an in-depth article about out work to save the snow leopard in this Central Asian nation.

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At Two Stay Wild, we are keen nature lovers and advocates for highlighting environmental and conservation issues. We think it is important to highlight such issues in countries that we visit. Generally, this is something that seems to be underrepresented within the travel blogging industry as a whole.

Wherever we go, we are keen to meet up with NGOs, charities and government organisations to spread the word about important and interesting projects. We hope that by being informative and factual, these articles will raise awareness and be interesting for our readers. Also, we hope that our content will be useful for travellers, so they can be better aware of issues occurring in the countries that they visit. Far from being all doom and gloom, we also want to highlight the success stories and reasons to be positive!

Our first article in the series will focus on Snow Leopard Conservation in Kyrgyzstan. We recently caught up with some of the team from Snow Leopard Trust – Kuban: Programme Director in Kyrgyzstan, Koustubh: Regional Ecologist, and Matthias: Communications Officer. We chatted for a few hours and covered a wide range of subjects including Kyrgyzstan, tourism and global conservation efforts.

Visit to read the full story – it’s worth your time!

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