This little cub is a mother now.

When we first saw Presnel on our research cameras in 2014, she was a fluffy cub trailing her mother in the wilds of Mongolia. Unexpectedly, she turned her little head to peer into the camera lens and in that moment, walked right into our hearts. Presnel is just one of many wild snow leopards you are helping us protect.

But we couldn’t keep her safe without the help of community rangers like Enkhburen (Buren) Nyam. Buren has lived his entire life in the Tost mountain region. He has a connection to this land and a passion for protecting it and the wildlife who share it with him.

He once considered snow leopards a threat to his family’s livelihood. Today, he is an award-winning Conservation Hero, protecting Mongolia’s most studied population of snow leopards, including several females like Presnel who have successfully raised multiple generations.

“I saw my first snow leopard with my father when I was 7 or 8 years old. It was far away, but we could see it clearly. My childhood image of a snow leopard is of a cat with a long furry tail who always walks away stealthily. Living with snow leopards can sometimes be difficult for our way of life. It’s better now, but some issues remain as we try to coexist. Livestock are an important resource for a herder’s living. When cats attack their livestock it leads to conflict. But, we are striving to mitigate the losses. These are some of the world’s most endangered cats and I’m proud to share this land with them.” ~ Buren Nyam

Your gifts provide rangers with equipment, training and support to patrol the Tost Nature Reserve for illegal activity. You make it possible for them to share best practices with herders to protect their livestock from predators and help establish community-run livestock insurance programs. These local conservation initiatives are critical to promoting coexistence with snow leopards. When people thrive, snow leopards can too.

Your support means we can:

  • Build predator-resistant corrals to keep more livestock safe and foster coexistence
  • Install research cameras so rangers can better monitor and protect snow leopards
  • Provide vital ranger equipment, including GPS units, laptops and binoculars

Presnel has been part of our research study for many years now and has had three litters of cubs. Our community ranger initiatives are working to keep both her and any livestock she encounters safe. These programs are a lifeline to snow leopards and the communities who share their habitat. 

Will you help us expand our community ranger program to protect more snow leopards?
Please make a gift today.

Our field teams recently shared that Presnel’s nearly-grown cubs separated from their mother in February and are now searching for their own territories to call home. Your donation will help ensure this new generation of snow leopards can find mates and raise their young in a place where cats and people can coexist.

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  1. Educating people who live in the same areas is the best gift you could have given them and the leopards. I am so very sorry I cannot give as much as I used to when I was younger(am now 73yrs.old and live on a small soc. security/pension). When I can I will give and I send all best wishes for your ongoing preservation of these majestic snow leopards.

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