The Other Wonders of Nature in Snow Leopard Landscapes

The beauty of snow leopard conservation is that it’s not just about protecting snow leopards. It’s about saving a whole diversity of species and habitats. As apex predators with large home ranges, snow leopards create an “umbrella” effect: protecting them implies protecting the entire high mountain ecosystem.

The snow leopard is a culturally, ecologically, and economically important symbol of healthy high-mountain ecosystems and the communities living there. As we continue to collaborate with local and indigenous communities to protect this endangered species and its habitat, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the incredible diversity of wildlife that also benefits from these conservation initiatives. Enjoy!

Photos: Snow Leopard Conservation Foundation – Mongolia, Snow Leopard Foundation – Kyrgyzstan, Snow Leopard Foundation – Pakistan, Nature Conservation Foundation-India, Behzad Larry, Prasenjeet Yadav.


  1. These photos are beautiful, a lot of fun to discover the other members of the snow leopard environment.
    These photos would make a great idea for an internet advent calendar that you could offer to your readers and supporters. Each day, a window to open and an animal of the region or a community or team snow leopard.
    Thank you for these moments of escape.
    Have a great holiday season.

    1. I agree. That would be great. Or maybe another regular Calendar called the snow leopard’s world, with each month a different animal and text about its relationship to the snow leopards and it’s place in the ecology of that land. I’d buy that calendar as well!

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