Taking Partnerships to New Heights

How one endurance company is making a difference for snow leopard conservation.

On March 5 and 6, over 1100 people around the world took part in Dynafit’s annual Snow Leopard Day ski event to benefit wild snow leopards. For every vertical meter climbed, Dynafit donates one Euro cent to our critical conservation programs. The mountain endurance specialist with the snow leopard logo is a long-time conservation partner, raising awareness and funds for snow leopard conservation since 2007.

“The Snow Leopard Day has for many years been an important component in our commitment to the environment and the outdoors. It is a perfect opportunity to use our passion for ski touring in the name of a good cause.” – Alexander Nehls, Dynafit International Marketing Director.

This year, Dynafit’s generous contribution will support community-based conservation in Pakistan, where our partner organization, Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan, collaborates with rural communities to protect the estimated 150-200 snow leopards that range there. Our conservation principles promote coexistence with predators through programs that assist with livelihoods, conflict management and livestock health.

Rearing livestock is a primary source of income for rural communities in northern Pakistan. Losing even one animal to predators like snow leopards, wolves or feral dogs can be catastrophic. This sometimes leads desperate herders to retaliate against snow leopards. Our community-based conservation programs aim to break this cycle and create incentives for herders to protect snow leopards and their habitat. 

  • Livestock vaccination programs reduce mortality from disease by roughly 60% while improving animal health and the rural economy.
  • Livestock insurance provides compensation for livestock lost to predators.
  • Fortified corrals protect livestock, particularly at night when they are most vulnerable.
Predator proof corral in Unju Village. Chitral, Pakistan

These successful collaborations are the result of investing in long-term conservation and building lifelong relationships with local communities in northern Pakistan. As a result, partner communities are more able to withstand livestock losses to predators and agree not to harm snow leopards or wolves.

We are incredibly grateful to Dynafit for their generous and sustained support over the years. In 2022, funds from their annual Snow Leopard Day event and apparel sales will:

  • Provide life-saving vaccines for thousands of livestock (sheep, goat, cattle, yak), vaccination training sessions, and stipends for vaccinators in Gilgit-Baltistan and the Chitral region of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. 
  • Provide funds to jump-start at least one livestock insurance program in Chitral.
  • Help finance the construction of one large livestock corral in Chitral.

Thank you to Dynafit for being part of our snow leopard family and championing our work to protect snow leopards in partnership with the communities who share their mountain home.

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