Spring Campaign: Big Success for Cats & People

Thanks to your generosity, we’ve just wrapped up an incredibly successful spring fundraising campaign! You've helped raise over $70,000 to support programs that we know help keep snow leopards safe!

​Your donation will have an incredible impact to support herders in snow leopard habitats across the cat – like Oyunsuren, in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains, or Tashi, in Ladakh, India, who used to worry day and night about losing livestock to snow leopard predation. They may live thousands of miles apart, but they would most likely feel a strong kinship.

For their families the goats are everything: food, milk, clothing and even dung for the fire. A loss of even a single animal is devastating.

Tashi and his precious, beloved goats. Photo by SLT

Thanks to you, the Snow Leopard Trust is able to support herding families like Tashi’s. With your help, communities can reduce conflict with snow leopards. You are helping to build predator proof corrals to keep the livestock safe from predators and to initiate livestock insurance programs.

Your gift is supporting both the communities and the cats! Thank you for being a part of snow leopard conservation. Thanks to you, we aim to reach out to hundreds more herder families so they too can live in peace with the cats.

It’s an honor to have you as a part of the global community working to protect these animals.

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