Snow Leopard Catches Marmot (Photos & Video)

One of our research cameras in Kyrgyzstan has captured amazing photos of a snow leopard carrying a freshly killed marmot. See the pictures and video below!

[scroll down to see the video]

Like the author of a good suspense novel, this Kyrgyz snow leopard spares us the gruesome details of what’s to come.

IMG_0325 IMG_0326

Instead, after catching sight – or perhaps scent – of its prey, the cats walks away… leaving us waiting for the outcome.


A few minutes later, the predator is on its way back…


And we finally find out what it had spotted earlier…


Lunch! And dinner. For a couple of days!



  1. I first came across your organization helping my son do a research project on Snow Leopards when he was in 3rd grade. He is in 9th grade now and I have loved learning about these magnificent big cats over these past 6 years. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Thanks to the SL Trust for helping keep popultions of these remarkable animals viablein a world where all the big glamor animals are being lost through human encorachment. And thanks for the oportunity to view those remarkable images of her hunting.

  3. I love the Snow Leopard Trust and I look forward to the next newsletter as soon as I finish the present one. Please keep up all the wonderful work you are doing. I so admire your work because you have found a way to save the cats while not trying to dislodge the people. I’m sure there are great ongoing difficulties to overcome or work around. But you seem to manage with great success.

  4. What is there in life more spectacular than nature?–NONE. Saw Steve Winter from National Geographic live series on the weekend and his photos of snow leopards were awesome!!
    Great work SLT.

  5. Kudos to SLTrust team for doing a wonderful job to conserve a wonderful species which is seen by less than 1% population of the globe having 90% and above threat perception to this sentinel species of Himalyan ecology.I too had rare opportunity to hand rear 2 orphaned snow leopard cubs way back in 1998 in Lahaul area adjoinining Ladakh in Himachal Pradesh.India.

  6. Great shots/footage, incredible landscape, magnificent animal…just amazing. Keep up the EXCELLENT work SLT!!

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