Snow Leopard Cub Quiz

The cutest quiz you'll ever take - how much do you know about snow leopard cubs?

#1. Which big cat species raises their cubs for the longest duration (on average)?

#2. The gestation period for snow leopards is about _ months.

#3. Female snow leopards generally give birth to between 1 and _ cubs.

#4. Mating season for snow leopards occurs during the _ months.

#5. TRUE or FALSE: Male snow leopards help raise their cubs.

#6. TRUE or FALSE: Snow leopard cubs will leave their mother after about the first year.

Snow leopard cubs typically leave their mother after 20-22 months.

#7. TRUE or FALSE: Snow leopard cubs will begin accompanying their mother outside the den at around 3 weeks old.

Snow leopard cubs will begin trailing their mother closer to 3 months of age.

#8. TRUE or FALSE: It is common for female snow leopards to raise multiple litters at the same time.

#9. TRUE or FALSE: Snow leopard cubs are helpless when born and don’t open their eyes for 7-10 days.

#10. TRUE or FALSE: Snow leopard cubs are born with blue eyes.

After a few months they change to a more tawny color.

#11. BONUS TRUE or FALSE: Female snow leopards can use the same den location for multiple litters of cubs.



Congratulations, you know a lot about snow leopard cubs!

Don’t be discouraged, study the answers and try again!


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