Show me the snow leopard!

Wondering which zoos near you have snow leopards? Traveling and want to visit multiple snow leopards during your trip? The Snow Leopard Trust is working on a grand map that will be able to show you all the zoos in the world that have snow leopards. Our trusted intern James is putting in the long hours and we hope the map will be ready soon. Stay tuned!


  1. Fantastic resource! I love visiting snow leopards when I travel and sometimes its really difficult to find out which zoos have them. Keep up the good work. Sibylle, Melbourne, Australia.

    BTW, we have three snow leopards at Melbourne Zoo. Sadly our beautiful 20 yr old Gregor passed awy last week. But we still have Shimbu, 18 yr old female and two six year olds, Leon and Meo.

  2. Hi again, Sibylle.

    If ever you get to Japan, make sure you visit the Tama Zoo in Tokyo. It currently has five adults and four cubs, all fighting fit. They have a terrific enclosure set into a hillside in the quietest part of the zoo (except for school holidays!). That aside, the zoo itself is the finest in Japan by a mile. Might bump into you there someday, I hope.

  3. hi sibylle! what does a 10 year old leopard look like? i am doing a report and because you know some i was wondering if you had facts for me? let me know please. jocelyn

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