Summer to autumn in the high Himalaya

Experience the summer to autumn transitions as a snow leopard would, from late spring to autumn in northern India's Himalayan mountains.

Given their name, many people imagine that snow leopards live in a perpetually snowy habitat, but that’s not the case! In fact, snow leopard cubs are typically born between May and June, when snow would begin to melt and warmer temperatures harken fresh growth and new life. Toward the end of August, as those newborn snow leopard cubs start to take their first steps, their Himalayan habitat will be less snowy white and more verdant green. 

As we all prepare to enter into a new season, and the high mountain landscapes trade the summer sun for the autumn chill, we have collected a series of research camera photos taken from the same mountain vantage point in northern India between June and October. As you scroll through the seasons, you will see the last of the spring snows melt and give way to rain, new plants, and quite a few animal visitors!

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  1. Merci beaucoup pour ce panorama à travers les saisons, c’est relaxant en plus.
    Thank you very much for this panorama through the seasons, it is relaxing as well.

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