Ryan's Run: Going to the Limit for Snow Leopards

We’re a dedicated bunch here at the Snow Leopard Trust. Our field researchers regularly brace blizzards, treacherous horse back rides and weeks of dried mutton in order to find out more about this elusive cat. Those of us working from the comforts of our Seattle office bravely make it through the city’s famous drizzle on our daily commute. But none of us has anything on Ryan Hill when it comes to going the extra mile for the cats! Or, in his case, the extra 250 kilometers. Through the ice-cold desert of Antarctica.

RyanRunningRyan Hill is an avid runner. The kind who probably considers a marathon to be a nice warmup. When he’s not running the most extreme races known to mankind, Ryan works for spirits company Edrington.

He first heard of the highly endangered snow leopard and the work of the Snow Leopard Trust when the Edrington Group, his employers acquired the brand, Snow Leopard Vodka – the world’s first ethical vodka. Donating 15% of its profits to conservation, Snow Leopard Vodka has raised more than $130,000 for these cats to date.

Upon learning about this fascinating cat, Ryan decided to use his passion – running – to raise even more awareness and funds for its conservation. Having signed up for The Last Desert (Antarctica), one of the toughest long-distance races in the world, he decided to set up a fundraising campaign for the snow leopard around his incredible challenge. His goal is to raise £25,000 (around $40,000) – and you can contribute! Just visit his campaign website to help!

Starting in Ushuaia, a town at the very southern tip of Argentina, Ryan and his co-competitors have boarded an expedition ship to sail across the Drake Passage earlier this week. Having reached Antarctica, these brave men and women have now begun their 250 km race across the icy continent! Temperatures on the course apparently reach as low as -20°C / -4°F, though we’ll have to wait for an update from Ryan to confirm…

Please visit www.run4snowleopard.com to learn more about Ryan’s crazy adventure and his passion for snow leopards!

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  1. Congrats to Ryan for even starting! I applaud his goal and endurance. He runs for those of us who lack his catlike skill and ability. Thank you, Ryan!!

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