Running for a Healthier Planet

Get active for a good cause! Join Charu on September 12th to promote human and environmental health.

Run 24 for Snow Leopards

Charu Mishra, endurance athlete and Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Trust, will be attempting to run for 24 consecutive hours to raise awareness for the health of endangered species and ecosystems. Whether it’s 24 minutes or 24 hours of activity, we want you to join us! So lace up your sneakers and express your commitment to human and environmental health.

Charu will be completing his 24-hour run on trails around Bangalore and on his treadmill at home—wish him luck!

Register here to support, cheer-on, and join Charu for part (or all!) of his 24 hour run for snow leopards. 100% of registration fees will support snow leopard conservation and healthier snow leopard habitats. When you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a special Snow Leopard Trust running bib—print it and keep it ready for ‘race day’!

Run, walk, hike, bike, or do your favorite sport for as long as you can, between 6am September 12 and 6am September 13, your local time. Do it outdoors if the situation allows, or do it on your treadmill, stationary bike, in your living room, your yard, or whatever is safest for you.

Spread the word

Don’t forget to share your endurance achievement during those 24 hours with us! Share a photo with your bib, tag us on social media, and use the hashtag #run24snowleopards. Spread the word amongst friends and family, and encourage them to register as well. On the day of the run, tune in to our website to watch Charu’s livestream.

Did you know…?

The snow leopard is an icon of strength, resilience, and planetary health. Remarkably adapted to the extreme and desolate landscapes of High Asia, snow leopards are the thermometers of the health of natural ecosystems. They can cover up to 40 kilometers (25 miles) in a single night, patrolling territories that extend to 20 times the size of Manhattan, which is as big as Delhi and 12 times the size of Paris. They can withstand extremes of cold and they can hunt on the most dangerous of precipices.

Snow leopards are some of the world’s most remarkable endurance athletes! Photo by Peter Bolliger
Please take care

We look forward to being active with you. During your endurance activity, please remember to maintain hygiene, social distancing, and follow local laws and health advisories. Speak to your healthcare professional to ensure all precautions. Please remember this is not a competition, but a coming together of concerned global citizens united by a common cause. Participate to become part of Snow Leopard Trust’s global conservation movement towards better human and planetary health.

Let’s join together virtually to stay healthy, strong, and resilient. Let’s amplify our collective efforts to protect and improve the health of the planet.

Thank you to Whitley Fund for Nature, RoundGlass Sustain, and Indegene for collaborating with us on this event.

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