Our Best Snow Leopard Mom and Cub Photos

In snow leopard habitat, one of the most adorable signs of the summer season is just over the horizon - snow leopard cubs.

Wild snow leopard cubs are typically born in May and June, turning the high mountains of Asia into a nursery each summer. Like domestic kittens, they are helpless at birth – not even opening their eyes until around seven days old.

Newborn cubs will remain in their well-protected den site, shielded away from predators for about two or three months. Their mother stays close during that time, frequently returning to the den to nurse her cubs. They don’t start eating solid food until around two months. Finally, at about three months, they begin following her on hunting trips even though they won’t be much help for a while yet.

Our partner, Nature Conservation Foundation in India, recently shared this rare research camera sequence from last summer. It’s a mother snow leopard carrying her young cub in her mouth, possibly relocating it to a new den site. This type of behavior is seldom captured in the wild.

Remote-sensor research cameras, known as camera ‘traps,’ are one of the many conservation tools we use to study and protect these elusive cats. Your support for our camera trap program helps make these unique insights into the lives of wild snow leopards possible.  

In recognition of Mother’s Day (USA) this past weekend and for all the snow leopard mothers about to give birth in dens across Asia’s high mountains, we’re sharing some of our favorite cub photos with you. 

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  1. Great shot seeing how similar they are to domestic cats in relocating their young. I would agree that I would love to purchase some of the camera trap and other photos that SLT uses in their emails!

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