Our Best Snow Leopard Camera Trap Photos

The elusive ghost of the mountain lives at high altitudes in remote habitats. Their secretive nature and low natural population density make them extremely difficult to study. That’s why remote-sensor research cameras (known as camera traps) are commonly used to survey snow leopard populations.

We currently have hundreds of these cameras in multiple countries capturing thousands of images of life in snow leopard habitat. The data collected from this window into their world and our other long-term ecological study initiatives help inform global conservation efforts to protect this endangered species. We couldn’t do this work without you. Thank you for helping us ensure a future for wild snow leopards.

Photo Credits: 
Mongolia: SLCF Mongolia/ Snow Leopard Trust
Kyrgyzstan: SLF Kyrgyzstan/ SCEC/ Snow Leopard Trust
Pakistan: SLF Pakistan/ Snow Leopard Trust
India Spiti: NCF India/ HPFD/ Snow Leopard Trust
India Ladakh: NCF India/ DWLP Ladakh/ Snow Leopard Trust


  1. Gorgeous photos of the cats and great work! Are we allowed to save the photos from the camera traps and post them on our Facebook profiles to promote your work? Sam.

  2. Thank You Snow Leopard Trust for all you do.
    The snow leopards are such beautiful cats and should be protected.

  3. Magnificent photos Thank you for all the work you bring us these to show the world of these incredible creatures Thank you

  4. They are such beautiful animals and these are wonderful pictures. Received my t-shirt with stylized picture of a Snow Leopard on it. Hope to make more purchases this year.

  5. No doubt that all your daily worries fade to mist when you see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Protect nature; our fellow species and wild places bring us true happiness and appreciation for unparalleled beauty.

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