More Fabulous Pics from Kyrgyzstan

Remote-sensor cameras have become a invaluable research tool to monitor wildlife populations. They’re also offering us more and more glimpses into the lives of the elusive snow leopard; bringing the mysterious cat out of the shadows.


Last fall, you helped us fund 30 such cameras for a crucial snow leopard study in Kyrgyzstan. We’ve shared the first pictures they’ve captured earlier this year. Now, our Kyrgyz program director, Kuban Jumabai Uluu, has sent a second batch of photos – and they are breathtaking! Enjoy!

KG web 2


KG web 3


KG web


KG web 4


KG web 6


KG web 5


  1. Stunning pictures of such a beautiful wild creature. I hope to be ordering some knitting material in the next few months.

    Thank you again for these pictures and a look into an endangered creatures life on a daily basis.

  2. Stunning creatures of the world’s wildest mountains. The valuable visual information of these animals presence is a fortunate part of today’s technology and the training of the native inhabitants to protect the cats from all predators is invaluable to the ecological atmosphere of the world.

  3. Join with the community fighting against poaching and donate what you can to preserve this cycle of life Nature intended..

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