Longtail Update

Longtail was shot in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day. Bayara, our Mongolia Country Director, went to the study site immediately upon learning of his death. She met with the herder, Octyaber, while he was being interviewed by police and learned the cat was killed while raiding the herder’s livestock corral. Octyaber could face a fine, or even jail time, if it is determined he knowingly killed the snow leopard; however this has not yet been determined. Bayara also met with other government officials and eight families that have also suffered livestock losses in the area.

Right now, our staff in the US and Mongolia are working on a formal press release. A draft was recently translated into Mongolian so we can coordinate with the Mongolia Ministry of Nature and the Environment. 

The map here shows in red where Longtail was killed. The yellow points show GPS recorded locations of his travels.

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  1. My girls and I were so sorry to hear of Long Tail’s passing. We hope the other leopards can be spared a similar fate. You have a great mission in this project. I have a personal love of wildlife and recently did a coloured pencil portrait of a snow leopard. It’s proudly displayed on the side bar of our farm and family blog. If you would like the original please contact me on our email. I’d be more than happy to donate it to the Snow leopard Trust. it isn’t much but I am sure everyone involved can enjoy it.

    All the best
    Liz and the crew at the Mad Bush Farm Northland New Zealand

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