Find Out How a 5-year-old Is Saving Cats

Have you heard people claim that “no one was too small to make a difference” too many times to still believe it? Allow us to introduce you to Liam, the five-year-old boy who’ll rekindle your faith in the power of each of us!

take a page from this book
“The Snow Leopard’s Life”

Last week, we received an email from Liam – a devoted snow leopard supporter. Liam wrote to tell us about his 5th birthday party — and the patch he’d received when he joined Team Snow Leopard, our group of monthly donors (his mother took dictation, but the words are clearly his):

“I love my badge from the Team Snow Leopard.  My mom put it on my black dress shirt so I can wear it everywhere.  I also got some spy gear, 2 sets of walkie talkies (short and long range) and an infra-red motion detector alarm to help me catch poachers when my friends and I play animal rescue.

the Team Snow Leopard patch
the Team Snow Leopard patch

His friend, Oscar (also aged 5), made him a special book about snow leopards for his birthday– the first page of which you can see above.

Liam clearly loves snow leopards.  And he wants to protect snow leopards — for real, as well as pretend. That’s why he uses his allowance to protect snow leopards through Team Snow Leopard — making monthly donations to protect the cats he loves so well.

You can follow the lead of this pint-sized (but very savvy) snow leopard enthusiast by joining Team Snow Leopard today.

Your monthly support is a great help to the cats – and it’s convenient for you:

  • You’ll know that you’re doing something to help these cats each and every month — providing the steady support that will keep them safe.
  • The small, easy, payments can fit perfectly into your monthly budget. And at the same time, the steady support helps the Trust better manage its budget.
  • With low administrative overhead, more of your donation goes to the strong science and community projects you care about.

You may not have a set of walkie talkies for catching poachers, but you can protect the cats from real threats — just like Liam.  Please join Team Snow Leopard today!


  1. Thank you Liam! Continue to teach your friends about how important it is to save all endangered species.

  2. What a wonderful child ! He must have great parents. I hope he continues his valuable work & convinces his pals and their families to support conservation of snow leopards and all wildlife.

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