A Letter to Supporters from Charu Mishra

Dear Snow Leopard Trust supporters,

A few weeks ago, my friend and colleague Brad Rutherford announced that he would be stepping down as the Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Trust.

I’ve worked with Brad and the Snow Leopard Trust for almost as long as he’s been with the organization. First, I served as the India Program Director, and since 2008, I’ve led our field conservation and research teams in five snow leopard range countries as the Science & Conservation Director.

I have also worked closely with Brad to provide technical support to the Global Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program; a multi-institutional effort to catalyze snow leopard conservation at the highest levels of governments of all the 12 range countries.

As Brad transitions into his new role as a member of the Trust’s Board of Directors, I’ll have the privilege of serving as the Acting Director, and of steering this ship Brad has captained so expertly while we conduct an international search for our next Executive Director.

Brad Rutherford, Charu Mishra, and SLT Mongolia Program Director Bayara Agvaantsereen at the Global Snow Leopard Conservation Forum in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

I have worked closely with Brad through these years, and witnessed his outstanding leadership and dedication first-hand. I know how enormous the legacy is that he leaves behind. Part of this legacy is the fact that the Snow Leopard Trust is stronger, more effective, and more robust today than it has ever been.  

Thanks to your outstanding support, we’ve been able to expand our programs to protect these endangered cats, and to pilot exciting new approaches to address emerging threats. We’ve been able to build and nurture an outstanding global team, including field researchers and frontline conservationists, but also a strong support team of administrative professionals, accountants, fundraisers, and marketers.

The dedication, passion, and skill of every person on this team give me confidence that we’ll sail through this transition period smoothly, and will be in an excellent position to take the next step forward for snow leopards when our next Executive Director takes the helm.

Thank you very much for your continued support!

Best wishes



  1. Brad – We’ll miss you! I have so enjoyed getting to know. Best of luck on your new adventures. And thank you for staying on the board. Your knowledge and expertise is appreciated. Hugs! 🙂

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